As the European leader in event sales, Veepee faces a major challenge in managing product returns. With the Re-Turn service, Veepee is able to reduce package return operations by allowing consumers to easily exchange items with each other through our dedicated platform.


These are good products that other customers might want to buy, especially since supply is lower than demand. But today, depending on the items, the products will travel miles to return to the brand or to one of our warehouses to be resold at a later date. This is expensive, time-consuming and not environmentally optimal. (…) The first tests we have conducted prove that customers are very receptive to this service.

Jacques-Antoine Granjon

CEO, Veepee

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Veepee (formerly is a French company and European leader in event sales. The principle: to sell a limited selection of premium brand products for a short period of time, at very advantageous prices.

  • 34 million members in Europe
  • Present in 8 countries


According to Fevad, the return rate of online sales was estimated at 24% in 2016 in France, which is nearly one out of four packages. It is therefore a major logistical challenge for pure players like Veepee since it implies an overload of storage space but also an environmental challenge since returns generate additional transport. As an example, the CO2 footprint of a return parcel from Marseille to Paris weighing less than 1kg is 42.4 g, which is equivalent to 1 day of lighting in France (9 hours of use of of a 65W bulb) according to the eco-calculator of La Poste.


Thanks to our C2C marketplace, Veepee was able to turn this reverse logistics problem into a real opportunity. Our customized resale platform allows Veepee’s customers who wish to sell their return products to be connected to those who wish to purchase them directly from the Veepee website. The solution includes a complete path from the point of sale to the point of payment. To access Veepee Return, you simply need to log into your Veepee account and make sure that you have already made at least one purchase on the website. The product is then put up for sale automatically via the purchase history and the product is sent free of charge to the seller. On the buyer’s side, the advantage is to be able to purchase new products that are no longer available for sale following the end of the ephemeral offer on the Veepee site and also to benefit from free delivery charges.


  • A reduction in CO2 emissions of approximately 5,779 kg* through the use of the Veepee Return platform.
  • More than 1 million users on the Veepee return platform to date.**

  • More than 35,000 in return fees saved by Veepee customers to date.**

*According to the carbon calculator of the private distributor DHL, which estimates that for a package weighing 5 kg, the transport generates 0.94 kg of CO2.

**at 01/09/2020.

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