Every year, €630 million of returned and unsold items are destroyed.

During our respective professional lives (L’Oréal, Carrefour, Procter & Gamble…) we have seen this waste for ourselves, and have been part in parallel of the emergence of new consumption habits.

We are among the consumers who, like 56% of French people today, buy second-hand items and go from owning to using them in their everyday lives.

But above all we love brands and we want them to be able to continue to create value and offer us more sustainable products that receive the respect they deserve.

In short, we are the image of our age:
We want a more sustainable model, that’s more respectful towards our planet and that is based on “consuming better” rather than “consuming more”.

And still…
Still, in the face of these changes, brands haven’t (yet) changed.
Still, in the face of these changes, brands have work to do and we are there to guide them.


So what do we do?

Brands have in their hands the levers of their future growth and a more responsible economy. They have the financial and political power to be a driving force for ecological transition.

This belief was behind the creation of Place2Swap three years ago.

Tech… for Good

Technology enabled the first retail revolution with the emergence of Amazon, eBay and e-commerce in general. Today we’re experiencing a second revolution with the arrival of collaborative platforms (Vestiaire Collective, Vinted, Backmarket…) that take from brands what belongs to them: their products, image and consumers.

The alternative for brands:
Use technology…before technology disrupts them.

Place2Swap offers the first white label circular economy platform that allows brands to control the second-hand market, and put their unsold and returned items back in the system.

We launched P2S with love for quality products. We wanted to give them the second life they deserve and showcase the work of their creators even more.

And so #Tech can be used for #Good, our platform is specifically designed for second-hand, with a library of unique functionalities to best respond to brands’ needs.

A community of values

Place2Swap is also the reflection of our values: meticulous, transparency, kindness and inclusion. Beyond environmental issues, it’s our way of contributing to a more just and fair society.

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Because we love well made things, we care about the smallest detail of execution. Rather than a long speech, the best guarantee of our operational excellence is actually the demands of our clients themselves: we evolve with consumers who scrutinise with a magnifying glass the activity of businesses and brands that are aware of their image. It’s impossible to deceive them.

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Every year we publish our social and environmental impact. This has got us awarded the B Corp certification (Patagonia, Natura, Nature & Découverte, The Body Shop…), which demonstrates our social and environmental responsibility.

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Because kindness = performance and wellbeing, our business is built on sharing and listening.

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We are convinced that diversity is a source of richness, and that women are the biggest pool of untapped talent in the world. 2/3 of our employees in management roles are women.

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