At Place2Swap, we believe that we must act in recognition of the fact that we all depend on each other, and that this gives us a responsibility to each other and to future generations.
Place2Swap is also the reflection of our values: meticulous, business first, transparency, kindness and impact. Beyond environmental issues, it’s our way of contributing to a more just and fair society.


OUR vision

We are the image of our age: we want a more sustainable model, that’s more respectful towards our planet and that is based on “consuming better” rather than “consuming more”.

We are convinced that brands have in their hands the levers of their future growth and a more responsible economy. They have the financial and political power to be a driving force for ecological transition.

This belief was behind the creation of Place2Swap four years ago: we wanted to give to quality products the second life they deserve and showcase the work of their creators even more. 


OUR mission

Contribute to the transformation of brands’ economic models towards a more sustainable model in line with new modes of consumption.


Our certification process leading to the label Certified B Corp™

As part of our ambition to become a key player in the sustainable economy, we obtained the B Corp™ certification in 2019, an opportunity for us to progress and demonstrate our positive impact as well as the transparency and ethics of our governance and respect for our clients, suppliers and all the stakeholders in our ecosystem.

We are proud to join this community that advocates “business for good” by reconciling economic performance and benefits for society as a whole. Being labeled B Corp™ is not an end in itself, but rather an opportunity to progress and improve our CSR practices!


In practice, what does it mean ? 

By publishing our profile on Zei, we are making the choice to make our CSR strategy public to the various stakeholders (consumers, brands, financial institutions, etc.). Zei is a diagnostic tool that enables us to measure our environmental and social impact, identify areas for improvement and set objectives accordingly.

The list of commitments we make is not exhaustive. We prioritize our actions to be as coherent as possible with our business. 


Green hosting

100% of our web hosts (OVH) are powered only with decarbonated energy.


Raising awareness about the adoption of digital eco-gestures

We implement measures to reduce the impact of our employees’ emails (unsubscribing from newsletters, regular cleaning of email boxes, etc.).


Waste reduction and recycling

  • Eliminating throaway cups and capsules
  • Paper and plastic recycling
  • Providing reusable dishware


Founded by two women, our start-up is intended to reflect the growing role that women must play in the Tech sector. 

Women are under-represented in this industry as they represent only 10% of the co-founders of start-ups. Feminizing the digital sector is a major societal issue to which we are proud to contribute, since 2/3 of our employees in management roles are women

We are convinced that diversity is a source of richness, and that women are the biggest pool of untapped talent in the world. In order to help promote the potential of female entrepreneurship at our level, Place2Swap is involved in numerous women’s networks aimed at greater gender diversity and inclusion.

Photo Cofounder Manifesto
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BNP Paribas

We are proud to be part of BNP Paribas’ #ConnectHers program, which aims to accelerate the development of women’s entrepreneurship.

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Place2Swap also supports the SISTA collective, made up of women business leaders, which aims to reduce funding inequalities between women and men in the digital economy.

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We joined 50inTech since its launch, a platform that connects women in the Tech sector with their allies in order to boost parity in this sector.

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Galion Gender Agreement

Place2Swap is also committed to implement simple and concrete solutions defined by The Galion Project to promote gender equality in Tech by signing the Gender Agreement.

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