Discover our use cases, e-books and publications to know everything about the evolution fo retail industry and understand how Place2Swap is helping brands to integrate new consumption patterns that are already embraced by most of consumers to their business model without the disadvantage of the loss of profitability. 


Use Cases

They chose Place2Swap to develop their C2C offer : find out how our solutions, specifically designed to address the pre-owned market or to limit product returns, can offer the optimum response to your needs.


Discover the use case “returns”, implemented among the European leader in event-driven online sales Veepee.


Discover the use case “second-hand”, implemented among the French leader in e-commerce Cdiscount.


Through our e-books, we put at your disposal our expertise about the evolution of retail by providing you the most relevant news, figures and trends in the second-hand market.

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Several factors – the 2008 crisis, the rise of environmental concerns, the advent of new technologies and more recently the Covid-19 crisis – have contributed to the development of the second-hand market. 

The practice is becoming a reflex, regardless of income and generation ; the phenomenon is international and affects all sectors of commerce, including luxury goods, for which usage is becoming more and more democratic. 

Today, retailers have no choice but to integrate the second-hand market into their offer, otherwise they risk disappearing, just as they have already integrated e-commerce, private sales and outlets into their business model in the past.

We propose you to download this free e-book which includes the latest key data of this fundamental evolution.  



    Because our beliefs are so firmly held that they extend beyond the framework of a business, and because we think that new consumption patterns will revolutionize our lives and also the retail industry, we have written a book, published by Dunod.

    The purpose of this book is to make retailers and brands aware that the circular economy is no longer anecdotal, and that today they no longer have a choice; they have to integrate it fully into their strategy.

    We want to offer them our support in this transition through the use of our know-how and our mastery of new consumption patterns and of the retail industry’s digital transformation. This is why we created Place2Swap.

    Order our book now and tell us what you think!


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