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As fans of brands, we want them to continue to create value and offer us products that last longer and receive the respect they deserve. We are supporters of modern day thinking: We want a more sustainable model, more respectful of the planet and based on “consuming better” rather than “consuming more.”

Our mission

Contribute to the transformation of brands’ economic models towards a more sustainable model in line with new modes of consumption.


Our process of becoming a certified BCorp:

Through our economic model, we’re looking to make brands’ models healthier and more sustainable for the world. As a certified B Corp™, we can guarantee our social and environmental impact as well as the transparency and ethicalness of our governance and respect for our clients, suppliers and every stakeholder in our ecosystem.

By receiving the B Corp certification, we are joining an international movement with the ambition to reconcile business with social and environmental goals.
Founded in the United States in 2006, B Corp brings together businesses across the globe (Ben&Jerry’s, Patagonia, Nature et Découvertes, Danone, The Body Shop, Fairphone, La Ruche qui dit oui, Etsy…) whose aim is economic performance as well as a positive impact on the environment and society.

It’s also because of a desire to continually improve our social and environmental responsibility practices that our business chose to participate in the B Corp certification process. We particularly want to be able to use the B Corp standards to clarify our roadmap in this area in the two coming years.

We want to make the most of the B Corp community to share and work with the other members. Getting this certificate is the start of a journey that will require lots of humility and effort that will make us even more relevant.


Our publicly stated commitments

Our participation in ZEI, a real ecological accelerator, allows us to prove and make public our commitment towards different stakeholders (consumers, brands, financial institutions, etc).

The list of commitments we make is not exhaustive. We prioritize our actions to be as coherent as possible with our business.


We provide green hosting to our clients

We host our clients’ platforms on OVH, a French host whose PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) was 1.09 in 2012. PUE is the metric used to calculate the energy efficiency of a data centre. It has to be below 1.4 to be considered a green host by Zei.


Training in ecodesigning digital services

We are committed to training our developers and project managers one year from now in the ecodesign of digital services to be able to offer our clients environmentally friendly platforms.


Offsetting direct carbon emissions

At Place2Swap we have committed to offset our direct carbon emissions before the end of 2021. However, we first have to define the perimeters of our actions. We have therefore resolved to achieve our Carbon Target before summer 2021, along with B Corp and consulting firm Utopies.


Respecting diversity

At Place2Swap we have committed to advocate diversity and inclusion through our team recruitments. Founded by two women, our start-up is intented to reflect the growing role that women must have inside tech.


Waste reduction and recycling

  • Eliminating throwaway cups and capsules
  • Paper and cardboard recycling
  • Plastic recycling

We have adopted daily practices to limit the waste we produce. We provide every new employee (who asks for it) with a reusable flask to eliminate plastic bottles and cups, as well as lunchboxes for when we eat in the office. Our offices in Paris and Lyon have coffee machines that don’t use throwaway capsules.

The Place2Swap team

Icone Occasion

Vincent Cance

Fullstack developer

Zero waste volunteer

Icone Occasion

Nicolas Trinquet

Fullstack developer

Healthy food specialist

Icone Occasion

Aurore Biarnes

Project manager

Second Hand addict

Icone Occasion

Hugues Babinet


Healthy life addict

Icone Occasion

Estefania Larranaga

CEO & Co-Founder

Retail & sustainability expert

Icone Occasion

Lucie Soulard

COO & Co-Founder

Retail & sustainability expert

Icone Occasion

Gaëlle Maudet de Penouhet

Business Developer

Sustainable fashion expert

Icone Occasion

Delphine Canat

Back developer

Shares the values of Place2swap

Our partners


Funding / Support



Because our beliefs are so firmly held that they extend beyond the framework of a business, and because we think that new consumption patterns will revolutionize our lives and also the retail industry, we have written a book, published by Dunod. The purpose of this book is to make retailers and brands aware that the circular economy is no longer anecdotal, and that today they no longer have a choice; they have to integrate it fully into their strategy. We want to offer them our support in this transition through the use of our know-how and our mastery of new consumption patterns and of the retail industry’s digital transformation. This is why we created Place2Swap. Order our book now and tell us what you think!

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