The 1st customizable reSALe platform
for brands

Give your products a second life and integrate this into your business model to make it a growth driver.
Extend the life cycle of your products, transform your business model and be part of the circular economy to meet the new expectations of your consumers.

The first circular
economy platform
personalised for
les brands.

Take charge of the end-of-life of your products to drive growth.
Extend your products’ life cycle.
Become circular and transform your economic model.
Your customers and our planet are waiting for you and Place2swap is your guide.
Place2Swap, your new lever for responsible growth!

Second-hand, unsold
and returned items, recycling…

Reselling your products is no longer a problem but an opportunity.

We have a range of solutions that resolve all your products’ end-of-life management issues and are suited to all product categories.

As sustainability and marketplace experts, we start all our brand relationships with a diagnosis that allows us to calculate the intrinsic potential of your brand, which in turn will determine the viability of the project.

An “à la carte” platform adapted to your needs

Icone Occasion


Provide your customers with a C2C marketplace dedicated
to second-hand products, accessible from your own online store and in line with new consumption habits.

Icone Occasion


Limit product return costs by offering your customers the chance to resell them on your C2C marketplace.

Icone Occasion


Your unsold items for sale in a few clicks.
Find a new distribution channel for your unsold articles.

change things

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The ideal solution
for all sectors








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The second-hand market
in numbers

million in returns and unsold goods are destroyed each year in France.

of French people have bought a second-hand item


of French people buy more second-hand than new items

Intent to buy is 2.4x higher if a brand is responsible

The second-hand market extends a product’s life cycle by 2.3 years

The growth of the second-hand market is 24 times faster than traditional retail

Olivier Abtan

Associate Director of BCG and head of global luxury expertise.

Second-hand extends the life of luxury products.
Most products sold on luxury second-hand platforms are high quality, with 62% of products never being worn or not worn much.
Fashion houses who want to engage in more eco-friendly actions will benefit from this luxury circular economy.

Olivier Abtan

Associate Director of BCG and head of global luxury expertise.

Buyers and sellers are not the same in the second-hand market. Generally, buyers don’t have the means to buy new products and second-hand is their way of entering the luxury world. Sellers in the second-hand market are most often buyers in the traditional luxury market. They use resale to reinvest in new luxury items at full price.”

Hélène Ortola

Director-General at DISKO, behind Nature et Découvertes’ Fair Friday

Consumers are ready to boycott brands who don’t respect the general aspiration for more responsible consumption.

Brune Poirson

Secretary of State for Ecological and Solidarity Transition

I am convinced that by changing the logic of our economic system, we can build a more inclusive society. It’s the power of the circular economy as a form of action: better informing consumers, better managing our waste, fighting against planned obsolescence. It’s about stopping overproduction and prioritising recycling, reusing products and reincorporating materials.

Pierre François Le Louët

President of the French Federation of Ready-to-Wear

If brands aren’t sustainable, they aren’t desirable

Sébastien Kopp

Co-founder of Veja

As a business, we are responsible for every action we take
Fashion is 1% into the journey it has to go on.

Isabelle Lefort

Founder de Paris Good Fashion

Brands must be realise that fashion is an amazing opportunity to make our world better.

Elisabeth Laville

Founder of Utopies

The purchase intention of a consumer that sees a brand’s commitment is multiplied by 4

Antoine Jouteau

CEO of Le Bon Coin

Everything that exists and has been produced will become our future raw materials. I am convinced that the second-hand market, in a number of fields, will overtake the new market. It’s a matter of a few years. I’m also seeing that all large companies are questioning their mission.

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